Three Pack of Honeywraps

Sort out your kitchen with a large, medium and small Honeywrap!

Convenience yourself and eliminate plastic wrap in your kitchen with this pack of essentials. Save money (and time) by not having to reorder when you discover how fabulous they are! Your Honeywraps will become your kitchen go to for covering the leftovers that you can't bear to throw away, wrapping kids lunches, and brightening your table. 

  • Small wrap (17 x 20cm): the quiet achiever- perfect for snacks, leftover cheeses, covering a side plate, etc...
  • Medium wrap (27 x 31cm): the Honeywrap workhorse - most popular and versatile size for school lunches and all your food storage needs.
  • Large (33 x 35cm): another fave - great for covering salads, leftovers, large adult lunches.


Made with GOTS certified organic fabric.