Panadol Osteo Caplet 96s

Panadol Osteo Caplet 96s

Panadol Osteo is a patented bi-layer tablet incorporating an immediate release and a sustained release dose of paracetamol to help manage osteoarthritis. It can provide long-lasting relief from persistent pain. Panadol Osteo can be a convenient choice, containing a higher dose of paracetamol than regular Panadol tablets. With only three daily doses, each lasting up to eight hours, Panadol Osteo may provide all day pain relief.


Common Uses: 

Use Panadol Osteo for effective relief of persistent pain associated with osteoarthritis.



12 - Adult: 1-2 caplets, every 6-8 hours as required (maximum 6 caplets in 24 hours)



Active ingredient: 665 mg Paracetamol

No gluten, lactose or sugar


Safety Information: 

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Use only as directed. For the temporary relief of pain and fever. Incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.